Tattoo Artist Spotlight: The Cool & Refreshing Works Of Alisa Tesla

Alisa Tesla is a Russian tattooer in Saint-Petersburg, well-known for her tattoo style that primarily uses cool, bluish-purplish colors.
Her work is combined with quirky linework that looks almost abstract and/or mosaic, and color tone variations. Her tattoos are mostly nature-inspired, subject matters are usually animals and flora, and they're new to the eyes and are totally worth checking out!
Beautiful bird tattoo
Tattoo Artist: Alisa Tesla
Colorful mosaic elephant tattoo
Tattoo Artist: Alisa Tesla
Mosaic cat tattoo
Artistic flower tattoo
Tattoo Artist: Alisa Tesla
Abstract bear head tattoo
Abstract elephant tattoo
Abstract whale tattoo
Alisa Tesla
For more of Alisa Tesla's electrifying works, check her out on Tattrx.