Tattoo Artists You Really Should Get To Know: Andrés Acosta

Tattoo Artists You Really Should Get To Know: Andrés Acosta

You've seen Andrés Acosta's works here, but there's more to the man behind the morphed roses.
Andrés Acosta currently works at Shaman Modifications Body Piercing Studio in Austin, Texas.
He started tattooing in 2009, back in Venezuela. It was at Industry, a tattoo shop in his hometown of Barquisimeto, where it all began. He used to hang out there and take cues from his mates and eventually learning the art itself.
Andrés Acosta
Tattoo by Andrés Acosta
With his wife
It's when he met his wife Alex that got him where he is now. Sold all his things to move to the US and settle down. That may be one of the best decisions he made since upon moving, he landed a spot in a local tattoo shop where he continued his beginnings.
Surreal cupcake tattoo
Andrés is well-known for his realism and surrealism.
Surreal rose tattoo
Rose tattoo combined with a spider
Beautiful rose tattoo
Awesome shoulder piece
Surreal rose tattoo
Can't forget about his roses now, can we?
Stunning rose tattoo
Rose tattoo
There's one for everyone.
And this? Total win.
Tattoo by Andrés Acosta
We don't even know where to begin.
Rose tattoo
Realistic tattoo
Realistic rose tattoo
Creepy flower tattoo
Rose hand tattoo
Here are some of our favourites from his rose collection.
Circus rose tattoo
I particularly like this one, which is so close to my fascination with carnivals.
Rose tattoo
He describes his dream client as someone with at theme and idea looking to get a tattoo in his style; someone with the idea but will give him enough freedom to work his magic.
This is love.
Rose tattoo
He's not one to say no to some very odd requests either. Take this tattoo of a unicorn foetus inside a Jell-O, with a rainbow around it.
Surreal chest tattoo
Andrés also dips his tattooing fingers into other styles once in a while.
Tattoo by Andrés Acosta
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Tattoo artist in action
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