The Craze Of Ripped Skin Tattoos

The Craze Of Ripped Skin Tattoos

When eye-catching 3d tattoos meets realistic anatomic tattoos, the result is indeed impressive. Ripped skin tattoos are awesome!
They have started to spread like a wild fire among tattoo lovers. They wanted to show that they don't have only ink inside their skin, but also reveal their true personality, and even, sometimes their secret identity... Skin cracks are showing your inner geek, with the trendy super heroes costumes. They also show what you dream to be: animals, mythological or science-fiction creatures.
Ripped skin tattoos are also coveted for pride tattoos, such as sports fanatics or patriots. But of course, they could allow a glimpse to souls, and more vast magic worlds. You can hide more than muscles underneath that skin, from perfect landscapes to the cosmos.Both the design underneath and the torn skin need to be correctly executed. Some ripped skin tattoos can look very bad if not done by skilled artists! So take the time to select an experienced tattooist and get some badass ripped skin tattoos inspiration here.
The Batman version by Paul Boxall!
And the Superman one by Ian Miller!
Spiderman sleeve by Lippo.
The famous Spiderman chestpiece is impressing ink lovers for years. But could you credit the artist?
And to end the super heroes craze, this Captain America piece by Carolyn Elaine...
It is also very popular to reveal your sports love under your skin... Here a fan of San Francisco 49ers by Tarren Malham.
The Jets by Paul Spatola.
Juventus club for football (soccer) lovers by David Joseph Kline.
Ripped skin tattoos also reveal mechanics or biomechanicals. Here by Peter Öberg.
Work in progress by Molly Pritchard.
Impressive piece by Lewis Hazlewood!
And what about this one by Arran Burton?
Of course, if you cut deeper, you'll see anatomy tattoos! Epic piece by Julian Siebert...
Gory tattoo by Angell Dominguez.
Let's end with dream and poetry. Space skin crack by Olga Grigorieva.
Peaceful oceanside by Lucy Hu.
A vintage traveller map by Lippo.
Artist Lippo does incredible skin crack tattoos!
True animal identity by Josh Holland.
Cool hand tattoo by Jess Tattoos.
Little mermaid by Holle Hellfire.
Romantic sky by Emily Nugent.
Badass patriotic tattoo by Chantel Gaffney...
And bold LA pride by Albert Aggasid...
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