The Delicate Tattoos Of Marta Lipinski

The Delicate Tattoos Of Marta Lipinski

Marta Lipinski is an Ukrainian tattoo artist based in Leipzig, in Germany. She works in her shop, Dead Romanoff Tattoos.
She is also a painter and an illustrator. Her creations are full of grace. Playing with the techniques of sketch, dotwork, linework and watercolor painting effects, she does poetic and subtle compositions, often vertical. For this reason, her pieces are often coveted for side and leg pieces. She enjoys associating innocent portraits with superb elements of Nature. Marta Lipinski's tattoos can tell romantic and emotional stories or can be more graphic, even abstract. If you have a weakness for elegant and creative tattoos, then you should follow her.
Lovely Frida Kahlo piece.
Gorgeous abstract chestpiece.
Marta Lipinski's illustrations are stunning.
By Marta Lipinski
She also does creative and gorgeous sidepieces.
By Marta Lipinski
Her photographies are all as subtle as her work.
By Marta Lipinski
Delicate flower and bug tattoo
Fantastic Buddha piece!
Artistic portrait tattoo
Not only for female customers... Cool split tattoo!
By Marta Lipinski
Pure poetry.
Artsy portrait
Delicate shoulder tattoo
By Marta Lipinski
Colorful portrait tattoo
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