The #Followmeto Project: The Tattooed Version

If you are not familiar with the concept of #followmeto, you should take a look at the fantastic photographies.
That couple amazed the internet with a visual and global love story. Now, the internet took over the concept and thousands of #followmeto pictures are posted on social networks every day. To create one, you need: a couple, one person to appear in the picture and one to take the picture, and a cool background. Exotic landscapes, historical monuments, funfairs, famous cities or bedrooms... You can follow her or him everywhere you want... But do it with tattoos, it's better! Photographer 416 Shooter have made his own #followmeto shots with his tattooed girlfriend, as well as several other ink lovers. So now, summer project: time to show us yours! If you are a tattooed couple and have made your own #followmeto pictures, show them to us! And if you are looking for inspiration, check those cool tattooed couple photographies!
Follow the adventures of this tattooed couple. Credit: 416 Shooter.
Credit: 416 Shooter.
At Parque Lage, Brazil. Credit: 416 Shooter.
Credit: 416 Shooter.
Follow me to home...Credit: 416 Shooter.
The couple is celebrating their first year of marriage now. Credit: 416 Shooter.
Another tattooed #followmeto couple photography for your inspiration... Show us yours! Credit: Kenneth Nguyen.