The Growth Of Tattoos In Swimming

The Growth Of Tattoos In Swimming

Sports and tattoos have a very close relationship, in every major sport there is someone wearing ink and waving the tattoo flag.
Football, baseball, basketball, athletics, you name a sport and there will be at least one tattooed star in it! That said, there are a few sports where tattoos are not as prevalent as in others, swimming is such a sport...or at least it was, in the last few years however tattoos have made their way into the pool and look to continue to do so.
Until recently tattoos in the pool were not a common sight, and it is understandable why this might have been, after all swimmers have to take extra care with what appears on their body. Unlike in other sports there are no uniforms for swimmers to wear, instead they compete, train and work in minimal clothing, this then come with the drawback of displaying large amounts of skin, meaning any unfortunate inking would be hard pressed to be covered.
Anthony Ervin won Olympic gold in 2000 and recently returned to the sport after a 10 year break!!
Tattoos in swimming also have to ready to have the eyes of the world on them, and the swimmer themselves ready to show those watching their beliefs, philosophies and personalities in ink.
Italian swimmer Federica Pellegrini is record holder and Olympic champion
Nevertheless more and more swimmers are taking the plunge into the world of tattoos and awesome ink is becoming a regular sight in the pool, Anthony Ervin, Federica Pellegrini and Brent Hayden being some of those to bring their love of tattoos to the water!
Canadian swimmer Brent Hayden
The future of tattoos in swimming looks rather bright with up an coming swimmers getting inked up and looking awesome. Sophomore Nicholas Petersen used his tattoo as a reminder of his goals, written across his right bicep , “Voimasta Ja Kunniasta” or “Strength and Honor” in Finnish. “I got it to serve as a reminder...Whenever I’m feeling down I can remind myself of my goals and to be a man.”
'Strength and Honor'
Likewise Wisconsin junior swimmer Cannon Clifton opted to commemorate the start of his swimmers journey with a Roman Numeral tattoo on his left bicep marking the year in which he began to take the sport seriously, the year being 2004...“It reminds me of the turning point in my life and the sport.”
Whether people like it or not it seems tattoos in swimming are here to stay, tattoos in the pool look awesome and we look forward to more swimmers taking the step and showing the world their own kick-ass tattoos!!
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