The Punk Edit Phenomenon: Yay Or Nay?

The Punk Edit Phenomenon: Yay Or Nay?

If you are not familiar with this phenomenon, the Punk Edit is the name given to a trend that consists in editing photos of celebrities.
Photoshop or other editing software is used to add them tattoos, piercings and alternative looks. If many Disney princesses and political leaders have had the punk treatment already, the coveted subjects are mostly teenagers' crushes, youtubers we adults barely know, as well as the stars of gossip pages. But the internet community is irritated by the term. "Punk? Really, kiddo ?" they say. Does our young generation really believe that tattoos, tunnels and Ramones t-shirts are making you a punk? Look at Miley Cyrus and her twin sister Justin Bieber. They think that with tattoos, provocative behaviours and "badass" looks they can pretend to be punk and, in their mind, cool. Even with punk tattoos, they could not erase the fact they are products of the system and thus, totally not punk. Punk is protesting. But let's go back to the Punk Edit trend. Back then, we used to doodle on the magazines, adding moustaches and blackenning teeths of the then celebs. It is the social network, digital tools version of our teenagers' graffiti. And now, it is even considered as art. Cheyenne Randall became famous by photoshopping ancient icons of Hollywood. The goal is to give a more badass, sexy and nonconformist look to recognizable role models. It could be punk only if it was not trendy, and used to reject these celebs. But basically, it's celebrating them. Again, the internet community is divided. Cool, not cool? Perhaps we could just call that the Tattoo Edit or the Fun Edit, because it is what it is. A guilty pleasure. And also a wish to see more tattooed celebs, preferably with good tattoos... Until we see that happening, what we prefer is real tattoos (and if you want, of celebrities)...
Not sure tattoos could make Taylor Swift closer to punk...
Miley Cyrus thinks she's punk. But apparently, not enough for her fans...
Tell me the One Direction are NOT going to sing Nirvana songs...
Cute tattooed girl... Oh wait, sorry I meant Justin Bieber.
Tattooed Benedict Cumberbatch would drive the fans hysterical.
Chloe Moretz would be great with tattoos... possible now she is 18!
Punk Daenerys? We could buy this.
Harry Potter in the other hand...
One word: yummy.
Jen is the punk, even without tattoos.
John Snow with tattoos, hot or not?
It's Punker Games for Josh Hutcherson.
Well, that's Katy. Everything looks fine with her.
Kristen is trying very hard to make us forget about Twillight.
Tattooed Lana is now a classic. Or a fantasy if you prefer.
Matthew Gray Gubler has the look.
Rap vs. punk?
A tattooed Ryan is not really original if you've seen his movies.
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