The Rad & Vibrant New School Works Of Adam Aguas

Adam Anthony Aguas from Chicago, Illinois, is an amazing tattooer well-known for his illustrative new school style that are bright and bold.
Today, we feature some of his rad works of our favorite movie characters done the Aguas style. Can you identify them all? Which cartoon or movie character would you want to see next? Let us know! Meanwhile, enjoy the colorful sight! These are true eye candies.
Illustrative new school style tattoo
Cartoon sleeve tattoo
Tattoo Artist: Adam Aguas
Illustrative new school style tattoo
Zombie girl tattoo
Awesome sleeve
Colorful Donald Duck tattoo
Awesome artwork
Illustrative new school style tattoo
Tattoo artist in action
For more works by Adam Aguas, follow him on instagram: @adamaguastattoos , facebook, or check out his website.