The Stunning Hyperrealistic Works Of Luka Lajoie

Everyone, meet Luka Lajoie, owner of Art Rock Band tattoo studio in Montreal, Canada. Prepare to be drop your jaws!
All the elements you would want in a full color hyper realism tattoo are here: vibrant colors, carefully selected subject matter, eccentricity and style.
Tattoo Artist: Luka Lajoie
Colorful water tattoo
Tattoo Artist: Luka Lajoie
Artistic portrait
Realistic portrait tattoo
Vibrant casino tattoo
Awesome chest ink
Crazy realistic woman's portrait
Audrey Hepburn tattoo
Tattoo Artist: Luka Lajoie
Maleficent portrait tattoo
Leonardo Dicaprio portrait tattoo
To see more works, follow him on Instagram: @lukalajoie or on Facebook.