There's A Tattoo Removal Procedure Which Does Not Involve Laser

Tatt2Away may be the best available procedure you can get in terms of the latest technology for a tattoo removal.
We're always eager to be in the know the latest technology involving tattoos, regardless whether it's getting them done or getting them off.
Developed by Rejuvatec Medical Inc. in Sandy, Utah, Tatt2Away may be the best you can get in terms of tattoo removal available. The words ‘all-natural’ and ‘non-laser’ really got our attention. We have to know what this is about.
As stated on their website, the Tatt2Away procedure uses a template stencil pattern to mark the skin then using the TEPR® (Trans Epidermal Pigment Release) technique and the TEPRSOL® solution, which is what makes them different from all the other tattoo removal procedures.
Don't let the odd dot marks scare you from getting them, that's part of the process. You get the whole picture by the end of the procedure.
Unlike getting a tattoo lasered off, the Tatt2Away procedure is to expected to be a lot less painful. Many claimed that their Tatt2Away session was only as painful as getting the tattoo done itself. “If you were able to sit through the ink, you can definitely sit through the un-inking with us!” is what Tatt2Away states in their website.
According to the Tatt2Away website, “The TEPRSOL® relies on your body’s natural healing to reject the ink from the treated area in the form of a scab. This means less healing time is required between and after treatment. When the scab falls off it is actually removing the ink from the body.”
The downside of Tatt2Away is, despite doing a relatively clean job of actually removing ink from the tattoo, it usually leaves a darker spot replacing on the skin where the tattoo has been removed, making the options for a cover-up quite limited.
But really though, seeing the results and feedback of those who have had it done, Tatt2Away seems to be the better option if you either want a tattoo gone or want to lighten an older tattoo before a cover up. Not only is laser treatment more expensive and far more painful, it also can't remove coloured tattoos well. Besides, it only takes four sessions on average, compared to the 12 sessions laser treatments usually take.

Here's a video of an actual Tatt2Away procedure:
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