These Temporary Tattoos Look Like The Real Deal!!

To get temporary tattoos you have to be committed, there's no two ways about it, you're marking your body for the rest of your life.
So being unsure is not the best idea. Of course there are those who would love a tattoo but cannot decide what to get or where to get it, and just basically can't commit to a permanent piece of body art. So what are their options, some kid's lick and stick tattoos or henna...or what about some contemporary designed tattoos that last two weeks but look like the real deal?
Brothers Tyler and Braden co-founded Inkbox
Brothers Tyler and Braden Handley, co-founders of Inkbox, have developed temporary tattoos that look like an actual tattoo but only last two weeks, 12-15 days specifically and have taken to kickstarter to move their ideas forward. Made from organic, fruit-based ink the designs are perfectly safe for your skin. Applying the tattoos couldn't be easier, you simply peel the design from its covering place it on your arm and cover/press with a damp cloth for roughly 10 minutes before removing the stencil. However the design is not immediate and the tattoo will appear fully after 24 hours.
Inkbox tattoo
Most temporary tattoos work by sticking a design on top of the skin, this however can be easily picked and scratched off in a short period, these temporary tattoos however sink into the first layer of skin (the epidermis) and temporarily stains it. The ink is derived from the Genipa Americana fruit which comes from the jungles of the Darien Gap in Panama, where locals have died their skin for centuries with the a similar process involving the fruit. The brothers have also pledged to donate a percentage of their funds to the Darien Initiative which supports the locals whom inspired the brothers temporary tattoo ambitions.
Inkbox tattoo
Thinking of getting a design yourself? There are plenty to choose from, over 300! You can even create your own personal design... interested? Would you get a temporary tattoo or are you ready to commit to a more permanent inking? ...Be sure to checkout the brothers' site!