Think Before You Ink! The World Of Bad Face Tattoos

Think Before You Ink is the golden rule of tattooing, these bad face tattoos will prove it. Carefully decide where to have a tattoo.
But throwing a reason out the window is never a good idea when it comes to marking your skin for life!! Of course in the 21st century there's few places left on the body that someone hasn't got tattooed so seeing questionable tattoo placements isn't as shocking as it perhaps once was, though that said there is one place that does get quite the reaction- the face!
Yeah face tattoos can be tastefully done and look pretty damn awesome but their are those out there who get face tattoos without any thought given to the golden rule of tattooing- and this my friends is where we enter the world of bad face tattoos! When done right face tattoos rock, when done's just painful to see...
Partners name tattoos are rarely a good idea as it is...
Showing his British pride in a rather dramatic way!
Where to even begin...
Bad Drake face tattoo
ermm...yeah, half face skull tattoo
It's people like this that give face tattoos a bad name!!
Crazy face tattoo
e sort of family tradition most people know...
It's certainly original...
Wouldn't want to meet this guy on a dark night!
Genius...or is that 'Jenius'
Gucci Mane certainly likes his ice cream
Just no...
The self named Mad Dog seen on Jeremy Kyle!!
Think she got carried away with the Kat Von D look
Yep, certainly is a monster tattoo!
At least the mustache wouldn't take much grooming
...There are no words...
Any rock 'n' roll lovers out there???
This guy had us in
Not your typical Teddy Boy
What even is that??