Will You Ever Get One Of These Picasso-Inspired Tattoos?

Will You Ever Get One Of These Picasso-Inspired Tattoos?

Brace yourselves, people. It seems like there's going to be a new trend in the tattoo world. It's not famous yet but it sure has potential.
Well, I think it looks a bit more tasteful-looking than the aforementioned infinity tattoos. Nonetheless, it's the aesthetic appeal that makes it stand out. And the fact that it's a tribute to a great painter makes it all the more something to admire. It's a piece of art on a piece of art. Artception, call it as you may.

Most of these were Pablo Picasso's line art works, which are pretty much the artist's doodles, random or not. Though, we're certain that it won't be everyone's cup of tea. Not only do some people won't be into the minimalist style, but some might go as far as calling it a disgrace to the works of the artist.
Pablo Picasso
I noticed that this particular piece, a line drawing of Francoise Gilot is the most popular choice for people looking to get a Picasso tattoo.
Picasso-Inspired Tattoo
This one with a watercolour effect is one of my personal favourites among the tattoos here. It gives the sketch an edge.
by Alicia Thomas at Boston Tattoo Company in Somerville, MA
If it becomes the next staple tattoo, maybe we won't complain too much. Maybe.
via dontt-waste-it / Tumblr
via serpentinegcddess / Tumblr
A person who has no idea what a Picasso looks like will be very baffled by your choice of tattoos.
by Roberel
They're simple yet quite intriguing.
Simple Picasso tattoo
This one is another popular choice which is inspired by the Face, Dove.
via lazybonesillustrations / Tumblr
This one is a part of Guernica.
by Yann Travaille
This one is a horse tattoo in the modified style of The Camel.
Done in Coconut Grove, FL at Grove Ink by Gio.
Another Picasso-inspired tattoo, a lithograph line drawing.
Picasso-Inspired Tattoo
Another artist's take on Le Rêve.
Picasso-Inspired Tattoo
I'm pretty sure I've seen this somewhere, perhaps a painting. Perhaps, Still Life with a Black Bull Book Palette and Chandelier? Or maybe, Guernica.
Picasso tattoo
Some gnarly sketch of Picasso complete with the signature.
Picasso signature tattoo
This one is taken from the coloured painting Violin and interpreted into line art.
Picasso violin tattoo
Ahh, here we go with the bull again! Another Guernica-inspired piece.
By Bryan at Name Brand Tattoo- Ann Arbor, MI
A variation of Dove of Peace.
Simple dove tattoo
From one of Picasso's quirkiest and simplest sketches, Le Pingouin.
By Bryan at Name Brand Tattoo- Ann Arbor, MI
This one's not a Picasso, but you can definitely feel his influence there somewhere. Nonetheless, a nice piece from talented artists.
by Jade Tomlinson and Kiva James
Picasso lump tattoo
Picasso had this dog named Lump which was quite close to him, even dying several days before him. Lump was a dachshundwho was often seen hanging around somewhere in Picasso's works. The artist truly adored that dog.
Photo by David Douglas Duncan
Picasso tattoo
by Brendan Lloyd
From The Cat.
Picasso cat tattoo
Tough one, it's either from Picasso's Hands with Bouquet or Bouquet with Hands. Picasso's crazy like that.
by Chris Harrison
From Portrait of Dora Maar.
Dora Maar portrait tattoo
Finally this one's from Portrait of Stavinsky.
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