10 Beautiful & Badass Tibetan Skull Tattoos

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In Tibetan Buddhist Art, the Skull is widely used as an iconographic symbol. Tibetan skulls are usually adorned in gold and other precious metals & stones, which is why it makes for a beautiful tattoo subject. Learn more about These 10 Beautiful & Badass Tibetan skull tattoos as you read along the way. :-)

Tibetan skull back piece tattoo
Tibetan skull back piece tattoo

Skulls are used in ritual practices as a tool to dispel us of fear and negativity. It is also a symbol that reminds us of death, of our body's impermanence, and of our deathless souls.


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    Tattoo Artist: Aaron Della Vedova

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    Among the many customs and religious practices in Tibet, the use of human skulls has attracted the widest attention. In the Tibetan collections obtained by the Blackstone Expedition (1908-1910), they discovered Tibetan ceremonial bowls made out of the human cranium, carved and adorned with jewels and other precious metals, which holds the liquor to honor the gods.

    Tattoo Artist: James Kern

    Tattoo Artist: Julian Zeff

    Tattoo Artist: Anthony Flemming

    There were also tambourines, rosary beads, and other ceremonial tools made out of skull. It is essential that the skull designed as an offering to the gods belonged to a person who was profoundly religious, & other high qualifications such as rank, nobility, wisdom or learning. By offering these skulls to the gods, prosperity is ensured.

    Tattoo Artist: Shige

    Tattoo Artist: Bill Canales

    Indeed, man is a sacred being---for having the highest intelligence here on earth and having the power to change the world. Hence, human skulls that housed the man's brain and intellect were considered sacred. Use that power to change the world today for the good of all! :-)



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