10 Beautiful & Vibrant Watercolor Tattoos

Here are more watercolor tattoo ideas that last! if you're into this style, make sure to get the perfect tattoo artist to do the job.
Watercolor tattoos aren't so easy to pull off. But once you get it done right, it will last you for the rest of your life.
watercolor owl
Watercolor tattoos do not necessarily need outlines, but needs the proper tattoo application to hold up  & last you for years to come.
Watercolor tattoo
Love how Traditional Nautical tattoos and other subjects are re-vamped as watercolor tattoos.
watercolor fox
Tattoo Artist: Ondrash
watercolor kitty
Find a good tattoo artist who can do the watercolor tattoo. Because watercolor application on paper is waaay different with applying tattoo on skin.
watercolor blue cage
Make sure your watercolor tattoo is vibrant, so it doesn't fade too easily.
watercolor flowers
watercolor elephant
Takes a lotta colors, so it takes a lotta time! Be patient.
watercolor elephant
Awesome rendition!
watercolor watch
Cool tattoo concept!
eye watercolor
If you're into watercolor tattoos, have the good eye to look for good designs that will hold up & find the perfect tattoo artist for the job. Good luck & may tattoos prevail!!!