10 Dotwork Tattoo Artists To Follow On Instagram

10 Dotwork Tattoo Artists To Follow On Instagram

Dotwork tattoo artists are existing since the early ages of tattooing, with traditional hand-poked tattoos.
That time tattoos were mostly spiritual. Today's dotwork is keeping in touch with the spiritual side of art, especially with sacred geometry. But it is also inspired by the art of engraving and modern illustrations. There are so many ways to use dotwork, you can only get a small idea with our selection. But if you like what you see, we encourage you to do some researches: you could find marvels... Take your time, a dot after another! Amy Victoria Savage, UK @amyvsavage
Nice cat.
Lovely rabbit and crescent moons...
Bintt, UK @bintt
Mandala giraffe.
Elegant mandala with wings and chains.
Joshua Watson, UK @jaywatsontattoo
Cool tattoo of Twin Peaks' Dale Cooper.
And a funky Johnny Depp as the Madhatter...
Klaudia Holda, Poland @klaudia_holda
Lovely rose.
Badass beetle piece!
Lawrence Edwards, USA @ledwardstattoo
Probably the cutest walrus eating a pizza you'd ever see...
Terrific animal skull!
Lauren Marie Sutton, UK @lo_marie_s
Your own piece of ocean.
Adorable fox head...
Mark Ostein, Portugal @mark_ostein
Inspired by an odd old engraving...
Awesome 3D sacred geometry...
Marla Moon, Spain @marla_moon
Original idea.
Geek Deathly Hallows tattoo.
Robert Pavez, Sweden @ro_tattoo
Intricate tattoo and background.
Gorgeous and unique work!
Alessandro Florio, Italy @alessandroflorio
Poetic spine tattoo.
Badass skull butterfly.
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