10 Funny Breakup Cover-Up Tattoos

Breaking up ain't easy, you have to go each your own way, part your stuff, friends and live with that broken hearth for a while.
Now imagine you have to live through all of that with his/hers name or face, starring back at you all the time, that inked up visual proof that you made a big mistake. We present to you 10 funny breakup cover-up tattoos to deal with this scenario and try to move on for good.
This one, is REALLY dead for you!
breakup cover-up tattoo
breakup cover-up tattoo
I guess Nick turned out to be a real dick...
Yes it does!
Mistakes like this, you only do them once!
Is she talking about the hockey player?
You know how hard is to find the perfect girl... or perfect font.
See ya Andy!