10 Glam & Dazzling Barbie Tattoos

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Are you a Barbie girl? If yes, then you'll surely love these 10 glam & dazzling Barbie tattoos that will take you back to the days of girlhood. With fun facts and trivia about the world's most famous doll. Check it out & enjoy! :-*

Barbie tattoo
Barbie tattoo

Tattoo artist: Benjamin Laukis

Barbie is a fashion doll manufactured by Mattel, Inc., an American toy company, in 1959. The first doll  ever sold costed $3, wearing not pink but black  Artist: Ashley Love

. (Photo credit: Bmezine.com)

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Barbie's real name is "Barbara Millicent Roberts", named after Mattel's co-founders, Ruth & Elliot Handler's daughter. They also had a son named "Kenneth", hence the Ken doll.

TRIVIA: You're not probably Barbie's biggest fan. German woman Bettina Dorfmann holds the Guinness world record for having a collection of more than 15,000 Barbie dolls!

Unfortunately, Barbie dolls are banned in Saudi Arabia by the country's religious police because of her revealing clothes, shameful postures and accessories. (Tattoo Artist: Kelly Eden)

Virgin Mary Barbie by Liz Cook

Sales don't stop though! And the banning of dolls in other countries doesn't seem to be a huge problem, because Studies show that every second, three Barbie dolls are being sold all around the world! Dammmn!

So much for a plastic doll!

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