10 Graphic Tattoo Artists To Follow On Instagram

If you enjoy exploring new ideas and pushing the boundaries, then you will enjoy graphic tattoo artists.
Graphic tattoo is a very generic, large term which gathers numerous different techniques, creativities and sensibilities. Graphic tattoo artists are the heirs of modern and contemporary art, giving their personal vision of tattooed beauty. From illustrative to abstract, with bold designs and effects, they create unique tattoos. They are always experimenting, and ink lovers are crossing the borders to get tattoos done by this new creative generation. We cannot list them all, but here is a cool appetizer... Brian Gomes, Brasil @briangomes
Schwein, Germany @elschwino
Expanded Eye, UK @expandedeye
Hannah Willison, UK @hannahwillisontattoo
Tony Adler, Germany @jukan_unter_strom
Lukasz Sokolovski, Poland @looqsok
Misa Bocek, Greece @misabocek
Kaiyu Huang, China/USA @normalcarrey
Petit Jean, France @petit_jean_tatoueur
Geary Morrill, Canada @__roy.g.biv__