10 New School Tattoo Artists To Follow On Instagram

10 New School Tattoo Artists To Follow On Instagram

Geeks have their own art and new school tattoo artists are here to prove it! Inspired by street art, gaming, cartoons and geek culture.
New school is colorful, joyful and very bold. Playing with anatomy and 3D, new school tattoo artists are unleashing their nerd creativity. If you like cute and fun animals and anime heroes, you will have a blast checking our little selection.
 Adam Aguas, USA @adamaguastattoos
Awesome Harley Quinn!
Funky Baby Groot!
Ed Perdomo, Sweden @ed_perdomo
Japanese inspired fox.
Cool pirate piece!
Jamie Ris, Holland @jamieris
Work in progress.
Pretty chestpiece...
Mads Thill, Denmark @madsthill
Evil Dobby?
Epic collaboration with @kennipoke and @denniswehler...
Odrëy F., France @odreydht
Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf.
Cute little mermaid...
Parry Chotipradit, USA @parrychotipradit
Holy cow!
Badass owl piece.
Scotty Munster, USA @scottymunster
Adorable robot.
Collaboration with @kylecotterman.
Steven Compton, USA @steven_compton
Cute cat.
Fun donut duck!
Tanane Whitfield, USA @tananewhitfield
Cool collaboration with @chamberstattoo...
Great tattoo.
Nicklas Wong, Denmark @tattoosbynicklaswongk
Lovely chestpiece...
Funky space cat...
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