10 Realistic Tattoo Artists To Follow On Instagram

10 Realistic Tattoo Artists To Follow On Instagram

The colored realistic tattoo art has invaded internet, and we discover amazing realistic tattoo artists every day...
For today, we will give you a glimpse into the skills displayed on the tattoo community, but be sure that more wonders are coming... Realistic tattoo is impressive for its technique and photo realism, and allowing incredible portraits, tributes and creativity. You just will be wowed by these masterpieces... Enjoy some good art and using Instagram? Here are some awesome artists you can follow for more... Paul Bogdan, UK @bogdan_paul
Evgeniy Goryachiy aka U-Gene, Poland @evgeniy_goryachiy
Lovely pocket-watch and rose.
Gary Mossman, UK @garymossman
Gunnar V, Norway @gunnar_v_tattoo_artist
Mysterious lady...
Ilya Fominykh, Russia @ilya_fom_43
Breath-taking Buddha statue...
That's a foxy lady...
Karol Rybakowski, Poland @karolrybakowski
Eugene Knysh aka Levgen, Poland @levgen_eugeneknysh
Luka Lajoie, Canada @lukalajoie
Mario Hartmann, Germany @mario_hartmann_tattooist
Fantastic eagle chestpiece...
Detail on a cutie pie...
Yarson Tattoo, Poland/UK @yarson_tattoo
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