10 Strong & Beautiful Kintaro Tattoos

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Kintaro is one of Japanese traditional tattooing's famous subjects. According to Japanese folklore, Kintaro, (also known as "The Golden Boy"), is a child of superhuman strength. That's why artists usually depict him taking down a giant koi or serpent, and besides the appealing aesthetics, Kintaro has a story to tell. Learn more about Kintaro, a popular Japanese tattoo subject while checking out these 10 beautiful Kintaro tattoos & read on! :-)

Tattoo Artist: Horimitsu

Kintaro tattoos
Kintaro tattoos

According to folklore, Kintaro was raised in the mountains and made friends and has the ability to communicate with animals. He was the master of the animals. Several tales tell of his fights with monsters, demons, beating bears in sumo wrestling, and helping out local woodcutters.

Kintaro tattoos
Kintaro tattoos

Tattoo artist: Nat Jean

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As an adult, Kintaro changed his name to Sakata No Kintoki, met the Samurai Minamoto no Yorimitsu as he passed through the area of Mt. Kintoki. From there, he was trained, studied martial arts, and was  famous for his strength & martial prowess.

Tattoo Artist: Senju Horimatsu

He is usually tattooed as a back piece or composed for large pieces such as body suits. But he also works good as a half sleeve tattoo!

Tattoo Artist: Horihan

Kintaro is an extremely popular figure in Japan. He appears in story books, anime, manga, and his image is used as a subject for statues and action figures. It is Japanese tradition to adorn a newborn baby boy's room with all things Kintaro, so that the boy grows up to be as strong.

Today, a shrine dedicated to Kintaro stands at the foot of Mt. Kintoki in the Hakone area near Tokyo. His image and story lives on... In tradition, tales.... And skin.



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