10 Watercolor Tattoo Artists To Follow On Instagram

10 Watercolor Tattoo Artists To Follow On Instagram

Watercolor tattoo artists have gone viral on internet for some years now, seducing more and more ink addicts.
Without outlines, the painting effect is creating delicate pieces with pretty colors. But choose your artist wisely, as watercolor tattoos can fade more easily than classic tattoos if not well done. Done with skills, though, they can be very poetic and elegant... Have you joined the watercolor tattoos craze yet? Here are some accounts you should follow if you are still looking for inspiration... Aleksandra Katsan, Ukraine.
Poetic origami birds.
Gorgeous bird!
Emrah de Lausbub, Germany @emrahlausbub
Cute fox!
Ready to go surfing?
Guillaume Smash, France @guillaume_smashtattoo
Lovely thigh piece.
Cool new techniques.
Julia Dumps, Austria @julia_dumps
Matching butterflies.
Adorable ballet dancer...
Federica Stefanello, Italy @lamalafedetattoo
Intense piece.
Cool hummingbird.
Lianne Moule, UK @liannemoule
Vibrant colors on this terrific thigh piece!
Elegant roses on the shoulder.
Chen Jie, China @newtattoo
Asian watercolor on skin.
Poetic manta ray piece.
Tania Catclaw, Portugal @taniacatclaw
Great Alice in Wonderland tattoo.
Adorable bunny family!
Victor Octaviano, Brasil @victoroctaviano
Refined portrait.
Cool effect.
Chip Harbin, USA @chipperharbin
Sweet flowers.
Nice elephant piece.
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