12 Fine & Badass Smoking Tattoos

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We all know that smoking is not good for our health, but we can't help loving these 12 fine & badass smoking tattoos! Smoke is not an easy element to tattoo, so mad props to the tattoo artists featured here! Remember guys, too much of something is bad enough. Smoke at your own risk, and take it easy yo!

Tattoo Artist: A.D. Pancho


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    Which would you rather smoke? cigarette or Weed?

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    Love the delicateness of smoke, of how it floats in the air and vanishes instantly into the ether. Isn't it awesome or am i just stoned? Lol!

    Tattoo Artist: Khan

    Marilyn Monroe killing it!


    Remember this badass scene of Helena Carter on Fight Club? Such a compelling movie!

    Grandpa knows how to chill.

    Tattoo Artist: Turyanskiy

    Tattoo Artist: Adrian Edek (Poland)

    Smoke at your own risk.

    Tattoo Artist: Rachel Baldwin

    Are you a heavy smoker? Share with us how you unwind with weed or cigarette. I pick weed any given time! Lol. Which would you rather smoke?



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