15 Endearing Chameleon Tattoos

15 Endearing Chameleon Tattoos

Change the color of your skin with these lovely chameleon tattoos. Sophisticated and peaceful tattoo designs of chameleon.
If only we could change our skin color just like the chameleons... But, wait. We actually can do that, with tattoos! And with chameleon tattoos, it's even more fun! This small reptile has everything to attract us: it is peaceful, always looking happy and it has the same weakness for body art as we do... If the chameleon is using his skills to hide in natural elements for protection, its beauty is something visible. Thus, it is a symbol of adaptability yet it keeps its originality. It also changes of color according to its state of mind and experiences. Curious, social, patient and creative people will recognize themselves into chameleon tattoos. According to African legends, chameleon was even sent by the gods to give a message of happiness to humans... So, are you ready to be happy with a lovely piece of ink on your body? Then, you could love these charming chameleon tattoos...
Lovely tattoo by Anzo Choi.
From Tangled by Cammiyu.
By Chris Henriksen.
Charming piece by Covil Tattoos.
Tattooed chameleon by Devan Smith.
Tribal by Emre Cebeci.
By Gunnar V.
New School by Josh Wood.
Hilarious one by Lesha Lauz!
By Magdalena Bujak.
By Nadia Mazzoleni.
Mandala by Polilla.
Colorful by Rizza Boo.
Stunning work by Steve Butcher...
Graphic by Victor Montaghini.
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