15 Energetic Gambit Tattoos!!

15 Energetic Gambit Tattoos!!

Remy Etienne LeBeau, aka Gambit, is the card throwing, ass kicking mutant with the coolest look of any of Xavier's X-Men.
Born in New Orleans this, somewhat edgy, superhero was raised in the thieves guild before finding a place with the X-Men and likewise a place in our hearts. With his badass hair, long trench coat, thick Cajun accent and bad guy beating staff Gambit almost doesn't need his awesome superpower to be a hero, but we suppose it helps. Gambit holds the ability to mentally create, control and manipulate pure kinetic energy and uses his incredible card skills to combine the two into a lethal weapon. Throwing playing cards charged with kinetic energy as explosive projectiles!!!
Somewhat of a loose cannon Gambit also has the reputation of being a ladies man but as any X-Men fan knows there's only one lady for Gambit...Rogue! Gambit and Rogue are the super powered mutant couple you can't help but love, they're just too cool!! Now like any great superhero Gambit looks as good in a tattoo as he does in the comics, his energetic look making for some bright and bold body art! Gambit tattoos are so good in fact that we have to share some with you, so here are 15 energetic Gambit tattoos!!
Gambit tattoo
Awesome Tattoo by STR Body Modifications
Great Gambit Tattoo by Anthony Johnson
New School Piece by Brandon Sommers
Gambit Tattoo by Christabel Nolan
Fantastic Piece by David Tevenal
Gambit tattoo
Stunning Work by JJ Claudio
Brilliant Gambit Tattoo By Matt Lukesh
Vibrant Gambit Tattoo by MS Tattooing
Great Tattoo by Ron Fox
Kickass Piece by Shane Somers
Gambit Tattoo by William Webb
unknown artist
Gambit tattoo
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