15 Epic & Badass Marvel Superhero Tattoos

So much love and respect for Stan Lee for creating the Marvel Universe off his brilliant mind.
The Marvel Universe has entertained children and adults alike all over the world. Its heroes gave hope, entertainment and inspiration to people. And you'll see them favored everywhere as action figures, clothing & apparel, video games and even on skin! Who's your favorite Marvel superhero? Take your pick from these 15 Epic & Badass Marvel Superhero Tattoos.
Ironman (Tattoo Artist: Nikko Hurtado)
The Hulk (Tattoo Artist: Mike Devries)
Thor (Tattoo Artist: Nicole Draeger)
Captain America superhero tattoo
Black widow tattoo
Hawk Eye tattoo
Wolverine tattoo
Spiderman tattoo
Storm (Tattoo Artist: Nikko Hurtado)
Gambit tattoo
Cyclops tattoo
Rogue tattoo
Beast tattoo
Jean Gray tattoo
Professor X tattoo
There's so much more (wait for Part 2) that we can't fit them all to one blog! That's how far out Stan Lee's imagination is!