15 Exquisite Chandelier Tattoos

15 Exquisite Chandelier Tattoos

A chandelier is not only a song of singer Sia, it is also a fancy housing accessory.
Some people like to hang chandelier tattoos in their body temple. Coming from the French language, the word chandelier is describing a light fixture with candles and adornements such as crystals, pearls and chains. These shiny objects are a symbol of luxury and associated with baroque and gothic aesthetics. Having a lamp tattooed can sound bizarre to some people, but chandelier are so fancy that they are coveted for ornamental ink. They are worn just like pendants, hanging on sternum, shoulders, thighs and back, with gorgeous details. You can play with the placement and the style, but the main idea will remains the same: chandelier tattoos are there to adorn bodies...
Bold piece by Anthony T Carrera.
Elegant sternum tattoo by Bicem Sinik.
Badass skull chandelier by Cristiano Fernandez...
Sternum piece by Daniel Matsumoto.
Fancy backpiece by Davey Robertson.
Intricate tattoo by Dea Vectorink.
The thin lines of Dr Woo.
Minimalistic piece by Jayers Ko.
Pretty tattoo by Jessy D'Auria.
Gorgeous piece by Kim Deakins!
Fantastic piece by Miryam Lumpini.
Lovely tattoo by Nicola Oldenhof.
Fun Catwoman tattoo by Polozkaya!
Superb piece by Silwou...
Cool work by Tim Hendricks!
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