15 Fancy Epaulette Tattoos For Your Shoulders

15 Fancy Epaulette Tattoos For Your Shoulders

In the last year, epaulette tattoos have become more and more popular.
This little piece of fabric used as shoulder pad by military men and which means "little shoulder" in French, was once infamous in Russian prisons. But since hot tattooed model Alysha Nett started sporting her epaulette tattooed by Tim Hendricks, the trend was launched... Some epaulette tattoos are imitating the real ones, with fancy details, golds and soft fabric effect. But tattoo artiss and tattoo collectors are getting creatives, especially with elegant ornamental effects such as dotwork and blackwork. Often dark, these shoulders' ornaments also have very refined details and are giving a badass look to both ladies and lads. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for the epaulette tattos army!
Stunning realistic piece by Alex Garcia...
Roses by Annita Maslov.
Lost island by Cristiano Fernandez.
Navy epaulette by Daniel Gomez.
Elegant piece by Flo Nuttal.
Baroque piece made at Helsink Tattoo.
Old school by Jacob Zamore.
Lovely one by Mike Amanita!
Matching epaulettes by Philip Yarnell.
This is Sparta! By Ryan Willard.
Fancy tattoo by Sean Henry.
Russian style by Taiom.
Delicate work by Ticha.
By Ulrich Hueber.
Badass work by Wonhyung Kwon...
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