15 High-Class Playing Card Tattoos

15 High-Class Playing Card Tattoos

The playing card is a classic tattoo image, a symbol of both good luck and fortune, but also a symbol of fate and even death.
Usually showing an ace or one of the face cards, playing card tattoos often incorporate other classic tattoo images like skulls and dice and make for some badass old school ink!
Playing cards were first recorded in Imperial China as early as the 9th century and in the centuries that followed hundreds of variation have existed. Today the playing cards we all recognize are the standard deck of 52 and the four French playing card suits; Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, and Clubs. Notably each suit and card has it's own connotations and meanings attached to it, and the reality is that a deck of cards is often viewed much more than a game. Likewise with playing card tattoos the tattoo is not usually a tribute to a card game but rather uses specific cards and images to create a deeper meaning. For instance a skeletal hand gripping some cards is often interpreted as a symbol of death, i.e. your final hand in life! The meaning behind each playing card tattoo is as varied as any other personal piece of ink but one things for certain, playing card tattoos look awesome!!
3D Ace Card Spades Tattoo by Wanted Tattoo
Card Hand Tattoo by Piotr Melnyczuk
Card tattoo
Abstract Card Tattoo by Dave Wah
Old School Style by Tyler James
Final Hand Tattoo by Adam Rosenthal
Skeleton Card Tattoo by Puedmag Custom Ink Tattoos
Dice Card Tattoo by Steve Boltz
Good Luck Card Tattoo by Fergus Simms
Old School Skull Cards Tattoo by Josh Adams
Awesome Work by Erik Gillespie
Playing Card Tattoo by Paul Fulton
Great Tattoo by Tim Pausinger
Skeleton Card Tattoo by Eddy Tattoo
Skull Dice Card Ace Tattoo by Skin Deep Art
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