15 Pipe Tattoos For Any Sophisticated Gent

15 Pipe Tattoos For Any Sophisticated Gent

Throughout history and cultures across the world a pipe has been the smoking implement of choice for any sophisticated gentleman.
Classier than a cigarette and more refined than a bong, a tobacco pipe is a symbol of a gentleman and pipe tattoos are thereafter the perfect tattoo for any guy seeking to take his ink to that upper class level! Used by the likes of Sherlock Holmes a tobacco pipe makes for some unique tattoos!
Done in an old school style with simple shape, bold lines and deep shading pipe tattoos are a tattoo that the world simply needs more of! There are not enough pipe tattoos out there and the tattoo world is a sadder place for it. Tattoos are not always serious and personal pieces of art and pipe tattoos are the perfect fun and quirky tattoo! That said however, pipe tattoos can be a great commemorative tattoo for a father or grandfather. So sit back, grab your tobacco and light up with these 15 pipe tattoos for any sophisticated gent!!!
...Of course any sophisticated ladies out there can a rock a pipe tattoo...sometimes better than a gent!!!
Fierce Bear Pipe Tattoo by Sea Wolf Tattoo Company
A Creative Gotham Pipe Tattoo, unknown artist
Love This Hand Pipe Tattoo, unknown artist
Pipe Tattoo by Amigo Ink
Pipe tattoo
Awesome Traditional Piece by Ben Grillo
Pipe tattoo
Fantastic Pipe Tattoo by David Mushaney
Old School Pipe Tattoo by Forever Tattoo Parlor
Lined Pipe Tattoo by Guilherme Hass
Classic Work by Guru Tattoo
Pipe Tattoo by Jon Mesa
Bold Pipe Tattoo by Ron Henry Wells
Pipe Tattoo by Tony Talbert
Pipe tattoo
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