15 Poetic Swing Tattoos For Your Inner Child

15 Poetic Swing Tattoos For Your Inner Child

Children enjoy playing on a swing, trying to reach the sky and laugh about it. That's why inked adults are getting swing tattoos...
They want to remember that unique feeling of freedom, dream and innocence. Swing tattoos are a symbolic way to connect our adult body with our child soul again. Poetic, they often display the eye-catching creativity of tattoo artists. It is also a sweet detail to add to a tree tattoo or a scenery. But childhood and its toys can also express melancholy and angst. Swing tattoos are thus a way to escape reality and explore fantasy universes. The game is yours, the art is yours: let's get playful with poetic swing tattoos!
Jaw-dropping backpiece by Aleksandr Romashev!
Lovely tattoo by Don Hankey.
Tiny piece by Dr Woo.
Lovely piece by Eddy's Tattoo.
Cute tattoo by Erika Jones.
Poetic piece by Javi Wolf.
Mysterious ink by Lia November...
Terrific work by Luke Sayer!
Kristen Bell as a pin-up by Rember Orellana.
Fun Alice in Wonderland by Roadhouse Tattoo.
Childhood memory by Ruben at Miks Tattoo.
Breath-taking piece by Ryan Flaherty...
Minimalistic piece by San.
Original tattoo by Stoy STC.
Lovely art by Yadou.
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