15 Ravishing Seashell Tattoos

15 Ravishing Seashell Tattoos

Precious touch of the ocean is giving all its elegance to these seashell tattoos, inspired by one of the most adored creation of nature.
With their shiny mother-of-pearls, vivid colors, elegant designs and refined use in jewelry, seashells have been coveted for a long time. When putting seashells near your ear, you can hear the sound of the waves. The most peaceful noise of the planet, and a great memory of vacation and life near the sea. Oysters can hide wonderful and luxurious pearls and seashells in general are associated with treasures. With their perfect shapes, they are making very sophisticated and edgy tattoos. If you haven't considered sea ink yet, these ravishing seashell tattoos could tempt you now...
Seashell mandala by Sam Whitehead.
Watercolor piece by Russell Van Schaick.
Lovely piece by Paula Castle.
Terrific work by Nick Hart!
A pearl and a skull by Lina Ekatarina.
The colorful art of Katie Shocrylas.
You can hear the sea... By Justin Olivier.
Simple piece by June Jung.
Fancy chestpiece by Joshua Toby.
Amazing backpiece by Jenna Kerr!
Lovely seashell butterfly by Fhöbik...
Stylish nape tattoo by Elia Landi.
Cool work by Dasha Mukhametgalimova.
Poetic piece by Anna Bravo. seashell tattoos
Great one by Andrew Marsh.
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