16 Elegant Wristband Tattoos

16 Elegant Wristband Tattoos

Yes, wrist is a visible place for tattoos. But wristband tattoos can be the ink version of jewelry and a great fashion accessory.
That's why people are coveting amazing art for this part of their body! Some will prefer subtle tattoos that can be easily covered by real bracelets and clothes. But some ink collectors are dressing their wrists with bold, intricate and sumptuous wristband tattoos. Ornamental style is the most popular, with geometry, mandalas and dotwork. But everything is possible! If you don't have wrist tattoos yet and if you want to sport visible tattoos, then you could find some great inspiration with these tasteful wristband tattoos.
Badass blackwork by Anais Bodson.
Gorgeous 3D lace tattoo by Bradley Pearce!
Refined linework by Chaim Machlev.
Fine work by Daniel Ferguson.
Pretty minimalistic piece by Daniel Matsumoto.
Original piece by Delphine Noiztoy.
Mehndi style by El Bernardes.
Mandala by Ema Sweeney.
Delicate work by Evgeny Kopanov.
Solid work by India Amara.
Subtle tattoo by Liran Raskin.
Intricate piece by Mike Amanita.
Watercolor flowers by Sasha Unisex.
These pieces by Thomas Hooper are to die for!
Gorgeous piece by Toma Pegaz. wristband tattoos
Eye-catching piece by Victor J Webster.
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