16 Lovely Paisley Tattoos

16 Lovely Paisley Tattoos

"What does your tattoo mean?" It means I wanted it so bad I got it!!! Not all tattoos have meanings, because it's a personal pleasure first.
And ornamental style is great when you want to adorn your body. Paisley tattoos are the Oriental version of filigree. This Persian pattern, imitating vegetals, was created in Iran and made popular by Indian fashion. Ornating saris, clothes and objects, it soon became very popular in the 1970s in Western world, right at the hippy era. Some see a spiritual, even Hinduist, vibe into it, while others are just enjoying its elegance. Paisley tattoos can be just black or very colorful, small or badass... They can be use to add some fancy to another design or follow the curves of the body. If you have a weakness for beautiful things, these Paisley tattoos could bewitch you...
Elegant spine tattoo by Adri O.
Creative piece by Eva Schmidinger.
By Evan Do.
Awesome chestpiece by Flarik Akhmetov.
Gorgeous Paisley owl by Frances Jones.
By Helga Hagen.
Colorful sleeve by James Corgill.
By Jay Vangerven.
By Joshua Leipzig.
By Kristina Elin.
Elegant foot tattoos by Laura Weller.
By Louanker.
Impressive sidepiece by Mike Amanita!
Lovely tattoo by Red Lenara.
The art of Xoil.
Amzing work by Yanina Viland!
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