16 Poetic And Subtle Kite Tattoos

16 Poetic And Subtle Kite Tattoos

Sometimes we need a little reminder of innocence and poetry. Kite tattoos are a good way to express this urge of childhood and harmony.
This toy is associated with good memories of family, vacation near the shore, with a soft Wind and the colors of the kite. To translate this pure feeling, kite tattoos are very subtle, using delicate and joyful tattoo techniques. Watercolor splashes, thin lines and designs reminding us our children's dreams, kite tattoos are flying forever in our bodies. They make you feel light and remind you to smile and admire the world like a child... If you like the charm of windy afternoons, then you could be touched by these poetic and delicate kite tattoos...
Great placement by Would Tattoo.
Lovely illustrative piece by Tattoo Dagmar.
Small ankle tattoos by Sandro Stagnitta.
That's upgrading a tattoo! By Rodney Taylor.
By Pengi.
Nice Japanese kite by Ollie T!
Impressive kite player sleeve by NOON...
Another kite tattoo by NOON.
Cute one by Meredith Little Sky.
Love this one too. Could you credit the artist please?
By Justin Nordine.
Lovely piece by Javi Wolf!
Kitty and kite by Dzikson Wildstyl.
Gorgeous tattoo by Dennis Gutiérrez ...
Small watercolor piece by Azazel Milanówek.
Very pretty work by Anita Rossi.
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