16 Powerful Wonder Woman Tattoos

16 Powerful Wonder Woman Tattoos

Sometimes, we all need Wonder Woman tattoos to remember that we are strong enough to face the world.
The first super heroine of D.C. Comics, created by Charles Moulton, is the epitome of the badass woman. Inspired by Ancient Greek mythology, she is a queen of the Amazons, a group of female warriors. The gods gave her magic accessoiries: her lasso and bracelets. Powerful, bold and sexy, she is an image of the perfect woman and often used as a symbol of feminism. She is a role model for many women and admired by many geeks, female and male. Wonder Woman tattoos are inspired by the comics, indeed, but also by the TV show with Linda Carter in the role of Diana, the first name of the super heroine. If you are looking for more badass and geek super heroine's art in your life, then, you will be pleased by these Wonder Woman tattoos!
Killer work by Adam Guy Hays...
The superheroine version of the trendy 3D forearm tattoos! By Adriano Brandão.
Graphic version by Alex Rodriguez.
Gorgeous tattoo by Anki Michler.
Neo traditional version by Craig Lee.
Great work by Dan Mawdsley.
Fantastic tattoo by Daniel Bogdan Sas...
A piece by David Mushaney.
Watercolor tattoo by Jinx.
Fun new school one by Ka'tattoo...
Epic hip piece by Khan...
Badass piece by Matt OBaugh.
Terrific leg piece by Sarah Miller...
Another Wonder Woman piece by geek artist Sarah Miller.
Awesome tattoo by Urban Tattooer.
Lovely curvy Wonder Woman by Veronica Dey...
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