16 Refreshing Wave Tattoos

16 Refreshing Wave Tattoos

The sound of the ocean is so peaceful, and wave tattoos are a sublime way to remind this feeling.
Controlled by powerful natural phenomenons, the tide and the waves are sharing their mystical energy with humans for centuries. The foam and noise of the water are fascinating us, and especially artists who try to capture its fleeting beauty. One of the most famous waves related artwork is indeed The Great Wave of Kanagawa, an old painting by Japanese artist Hokusai. This masterpiece is inspiring many tattoos. Surfers are also obsessed by the impressive waves, and often get ink to celebrate their passion. A joy for them, but also a danger for sailors, watching the sea to prevent their boats from violent storms and their devastating waves... Beautiful and dangerous: two reasons to be in love with the dramatic oceans and its movements... They can be poetic or sporty, but wave tattoos are all gorgeous and refreshing...
Cool wave sailor vy Varo Tattooer... wave tattoos
Great piece by Sou!
Badass geometric sleeve by Shawn Pope...
Lovely surfer by Rodrigo Tas!
Great hip piece by Peppa Heller.
Trippy tattoo by Nika Samarina!
Clever and elegant design by Martynas Šnioka.
Nice one by Magnum Tattoo.
Such a gorgeous little piece by Justice Ink!
Watercolor splash by Julia Dumps.
Realistic forearm by Iwan Yug.
Original wavy panther by Claudia De Sabe!
Poetic piece by Chen Jie.
Beautiful design by Caitlin at Wolf & Wren Collective.
Sick skull with surfer eye by Bullet BG!
Terrific wave girl by A.D. Pancho!
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