17 Cloud Tattoos To Lift You Up

17 Cloud Tattoos To Lift You Up

It's really common to see clouds in tattoo, they are a great element to accentuate a very graphical tattoo or even just a good cover up.
Whatever, it is just really cool (most of the times). The thing is cloud tattoos never really have a general meaning, Clouds themselves have many different meaning in various cultures, in the Chinese symbolism it represents transition and transformation, as it does in the Tibetan culture, but in a more temporary way,kinda of a symbol for impertinence, in the Greco-Roman mythology, they were the home of the Gods, usually around Mount Olympus.
If you research enough I bet you'll find a different meaning for every culture that comes up! And obviously for every personal one that comes up! So here we bring you 17 cloud tattoos to lift you up!
Little 3D Cloud by Taylor G
This cool sleeve of angels in the clouds, unfortunately the artist is unknown
Blue clouds moving with the stars, by Mike Bennett
Big side crack opening to beautiful clouds, by Artur Szolc
Cute cartoon cloud by Craigy Lee
cloud and raindrops tattoo
Cloud Rape by Nick Stout
Beautiful sleeve with shades of blue and green, artist unknown
This behind the ear Warped cloud is on Hayley Williams from the band Paramore
Clouds and Lightening on the ship! by Stefano C. at Frith St. Tattoo
Rays and clouds, birds and fish by Miguel Angel
Dragon flying in the middle of the clouds, via flickr.com/archiemcpheeonline
Gods Hand and Genesis by Anna Filodor
Sick half sleeve heavy clouds and strong colours by Nika Samarina
this Sad cloud doesn't look actually inked though, but its a very cool design by Rachel Elizabeth
Simple Shinny cloud via fyeahtattoos.com
Is it just me or its raining mushrooms from this side cloud, artist unknown
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