17 Killer Hammerhead Shark Tattoos!!

17 Killer Hammerhead Shark Tattoos!!

Shark tattoos come in all sizes and styles, and for the most part take the form of the notorious great white shark!
Arguably the most feared and iconic shark the great white makes for some seriously badass tattoos, so if you're thinking of some shark inspired ink it's a good way to go. Then again you could mix it up and go with some killer hammerhead shark tattoos!
Out of the 10 known species of hammerhead shark it is accepted that only 3 of them pose any real danger to humans, and across the world hammerheads are actually revered as symbolic creatures. In native Hawaiian culture sharks are held as gods of the ocean, cleaners of excessive sea creatures and protectors of humans. That said Hawaiian traditions refer to niuhi or man eaters, namely the great white shark, tiger sharks and bull sharks. The hammerhead or mano kihikihi is not considered a man eater but rather one of the most respected sharks in the ocean! In Maui it is accepted that when a hammerhead passes by in the shallows it is a sign that the gods are watching over their people and keeping the oceans clear!!
...Whether you choose to go with a hammerhead shark tattoo or not you can still appreciate the beauty and talent held in these 17 killer hammerhead shark tattoos!!
Hammerhead shark tattoo
Woman and Shark by Ashley Love
Old school styling by Adam Craven
Brilliant Work by Billy White
Very Creative Hammerhead Shark Tattoo by Brezinski Ilya
Amazing Hammerhead Shark Front Piece by Judd Ripley
Bold Hammerhead shark tattoo by Durb Morrison
Real Old School Piece by Javier Rodriguez
Gorgeous Tattoo by Jessie Beans
Great Hammerhead Shark Tattoo by Jonas Nyberg
Nice Little Filler by Matt Bivetto
Awesome Shark Rose by Mike Bruce
Hammerhead and Tiger Shark Tattoo by Nikki Lugo
Cool Piece by Thomas Flanagan
Nick Mayes Nailing It As Always!!!
Hammerhead shark tattoo
Hammerhead Shark Tattoo, artist unknown