17 Monochrome Tattoos Introverts Will Love

17 Monochrome Tattoos Introverts Will Love

Let's unite the ink-loving introverts (in the comforts of their own homes)! 17 beautiful blackwork tattoos introverts will love!
by Dylan Kwok
To put it simply, introverts aren't always necessarily antisocial. They appreciate the company of others now and then, but it's just that they relish in the comfort of being alone, and not necessarily being lonely either. These are the types of people who like long walks, preferably talking about everything under the universe. They are the kids who would rather find out the ending of the book they're currently reading by the end of the night, than end up at somebody's basement, passed out on the couch after a wild party with friends and friends' friends.

Introversion may take its toll on its hosts once in a while, the same way extroverts may suffer from their affinity to be around people all the time. They start to contemplate about their fondness of being on their own, for spending all the time in the world doing what they like — don't fret, dear introvert. It's perfectly alright to indulge yourself and to be comfortable in your own skin. It's who you are. Just be careful not to push people too far away, just enough to give yourself room to breathe.
by Phil Tworavens
by Lizzie Catrwright
I know, for a fact, that many introverts enjoy being carried away to far-off lands and to switch to someone else's shoes even for just a few hours a day. Some days they 'd rather live someone else's life than participate in civilization.
by Verani Tattoo
Tribute tattoos for your favorite novels will surely do the trick!
by Susanne König
by Kristoffer Don Cash / Orginal art by Daehyun Kim
I personally love this tattoo, adapted from the art work of  Daehyun Kim. It speaks a lot for those who have loud minds. All these thoughts.
by Kev Richardson Jr
The way I see it, an introvert is like a ship in a bottle. Often beautifully and carefully modelled, yet forever confined to the comforts of an equally fragile cylinder glass — pretty much like introverts. As beautiful and as full of potential as they are, they'd rather keep to themselves and not venture out to the vast sea, where danger lurks.
by Lisa Orth
With that being said [referring to the previous tattoo], that doesn't mean that introverts are often cowards who would rather lock themselves in a shell their whole lives. This tattoo illustrated how introverts, innocent and naive on the outside, has so much more to give.
by Noksi
by Philip Yarnell
I see many introverts write about the moon, some comparing themselves to it. I can see why; the moon doesn't rise during the day, where everyone's awake to get a glimpse of it. You only see the moon at night, where the only ones who are awake to see it are the ones who share the same secrets. After all, who are the ones who usually stay up at night,  gazing at the moon?
by Dr Woo
by Lisa Orth
by Roma Broslavskiy
Being alone doesn't have to always equal to loneliness, never forget that.
by Daniel Matsumono
Sometimes, the quietest of them all harbours some of the biggest galaxies in them.
by balazsbercsenyi
by balazsbercsenyi
“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” —Mahatma Ghandi
by Justin Hobson
Stay beautiful, dear introvert!
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