18 Atmospheric Gravestone Tattoos

18 Atmospheric Gravestone Tattoos

In life the only real certainty is that it will end. No one can escape death - it is the one thing that will happen to everyone.
It's a harsh reality but an inevitable one, so why not celebrate the end we all meet with these atmospheric gravestone tattoos! What better way to acknowledge the end that waits for us all than with a bold little tattoo that is both macabre and fun!!
Death in tattooing is usually represented by a skull or the grim reaper and both are fine tattoos, but a gravestone is perhaps a little less intense. It can also be used as a tribute to a passed loved one, so whether you're after a tattoo to show your acceptance of death or a small design to honor someone close to you a gravestone tattoo is a good way to go! Now enough with the slightly depressing death talk and onto some kickass tattoos, and remember if you're after your own kickass tattoo then Tattoodo can help with a custom design just for you!!
Awesome Cross Gravestone by Simon Erl
Sweet Dreams by Myra Oh
Gravestone tattoo
Minimalist Style by Louis Brengard
'All Dogs Go To Heaven'... by Myra Oh
Gravestone tattoo
Great Headstone Heart Tattoo, unknown artist
Headstone Tattoo by Akira Latanzio
Headstone Tattoo by Eli Quinters
Centrepiece Headstone Tattoo by Franz Stefanik
'Better Dead Than Red' by Krooked Ken
'Life Goes On' by Myra Oh
Awesome Tattoo by Phil DeAngulo
Headstone Tattoo by Simon Erl
unknown artist
'Wish You Were Here' by Myra Oh
Skull Headstone Tattoo by Simon Erl
Gravestone tattoo
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