18 Baroque And Fancy Filigree Tattoos

18 Baroque And Fancy Filigree Tattoos

It's not because it's only decorative, that it doesn't require mad skills.
Take filigree tattoos: indeed, they are often used to complete a black and grey portrait or sleeve, or to enhance a realistic piece. But it doesn't prevent tattoo artists to be meticulous with them, nor ink lovers to ornate their body with massive filigrees. This ornamental piece is coming from jewellery, and especially used in Baroque art, to add floral and lacy designs to precious objects. In tattoo art, filigree tattoos are more often found in realistic black and grey impressive pieces, giving dramatic effects to skulls or gorgeous women. If you like fancy and bold tattoos, then you will be pleased by these awe-inspiring filigree tattoos...
Jaw-dropping work by Aaron McKinney...
Detail on a chestpiece by Andrew Sussman.
Stunning dotwork tattoo by Annmarie Cahill !
Golden filigree by Benny.
Work in progress by Brad Doult.
Badass torso piece by Craig Bain Josep...
Elegant filigree by Jenna Kerr.
A full sleeve by John Kautz.
Lace filigree by Kyrie 'Ice Queen' Jones.
Solid work by Maximilian Rothert.
Stunning wings by Neil Nelson...
Fancy vulture by Ollie Pinder.
Gorgeous chestpiece by Rachel Honeywell.
Rad skull by Ryan Townsend.
Elegant blackwork by Samantha Scott.
Lovely healed tattoo by Zazhax.
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