18 Deadly Tomahawk Tattoos

18 Deadly Tomahawk Tattoos

Tomahawk tattoos take influence from other Native American themed tattoos and often include other symbols like feathers and beads.
Both a tool and deadly weapon the tomahawk is synonymous of Native American culture and tradition. Credited as a creation of the Algonquian Indians the tomahawk was an important tool for the Native American peoples of eastern and central North America. Traditional Native American tomahawks were made by attaching a stone to a wooden stick/handle with strips of hide. Primarily a weapon for hand to hand combat the tomahawk was also used for daily activities like chopping and cutting meat or wood. After the arrival of the Europeans in North America the tomahawk evolved greatly, through trading Native Americans obtained metal axe heads and stone tomahawks were slowly replaced by more deadly iron ones!
Although a weapon and image of war the tomahawk was also a symbol of peace for Native Americans. To bury a tomahawk was to mean peace and an end to any hostilities, i.e. 'burying the hatchet', to dig it up was a declaration of war! Usually done in a bold traditional style tomahawk tattoos are a unique and creative tattoo, whether you are of Native American heritage or just like the look of this multipurpose weapon a tomahawk tattoo is a kickass piece of ink to have!
Tomahawk Tattoo
Broken Tomahawk Tattoo, unknown artist
Native American and Tomahawk by Capilli Tupou
Tomahawk Tattoo
Small Tomahawk Tattoo by Nick Whybrow
Awesome Tomahawk Rose Tattoo by Jonathan Montalvo
Traditional Tomahawk Tattoo by Alvin Aldridge
Brilliant Tomahawk Tattoo by Bailey Hunter Robinson
Tomahawk Ear Tattoo by Laura AE Taylor
Bold Tomahawk Tattoo by KC Lange
Cool Tomahawk Tattoo by Jenna Bouma
Creative Tomahawk Tattoo by Left Hand Tricks
Love This Tomahawk Tattoo by Nick Luit
Tomahawk Tattoo
Bright Work by Shon Lindauer
Tomahawk Tattoo by Three Kings Tattoo
Tomahawk Tattoo, artist unknown
Tomahawk Tattoo
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