18 Endearing Red Panda Tattoos

18 Endearing Red Panda Tattoos

They are small, adorable and cute. The red panda is simply a sweet little animal looking awesome in ink.
Slightly larger than a domestic cat the red panda is noted for its reddish-brown fur, long bushy tail and short legs. An animal that is known to keep to itself the red panda is an animal most people know little about, and despite its name it is not closely related to the giant panda. Native to the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China red pandas are listed as a vulnerable species with fewer than 10,000 mature individuals recorded. They are mostly threatened by deforestation, poaching and fragmentation. If you want to learn more about red pandas and the threats they face then head over to the WWF website!!
Due to the discreet nature of the red panda they are not often used as a cultural symbol, though there a few cases where the distinctive look of the panda have come into play. The name of the web browser Firefox is said to have been taken from a nickname of the red panda, and any movie fans would have seen a red panda in the film Kung Fu Panda where little Master Shifu was indeed a red panda! As far as red panda tattoos are concerned there are no specific meanings attached to them, however red panda tattoos do make for some gorgeous body art! The beautiful color of the animal creates a unique looking tattoo and one that people with love. Slightly different from the norm of animal tattoos these 18 Endearing Red Panda tattoos will show you why red pandas make some great ink!!!
Abstract Red Panda Tattoo, unknown artist
Red Panda Finger Tattoo
New School Red Panda Tattoo by Bläckbyrån, Stockholm
Bold Work by Brando Chiesa
Great Tattoo by Csörsz “Casper” Péter
Red Panda Hand Tattoo by Eric Chance Tattoo
Red Panda Tattoo by Guen Douglas
Beautiful Work by Jayne Doe
Gorgeous Piece by Kel Tait
Red Panda Tattoo
Realistic Red Panda Tattoo By Pashkov Tattoo-X
Red Panda Tattoo by Ryan Breceda
Red Panda Tattoo
Brilliant Red Panda Tattoo by Tattrx
Red Panda Tattoo
Red Panda Woman Tattoo by Rachel McCarthy
Red Panda Tattoo
Fighting Pandas by Chronic Ink Tattoo
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