18 Eye-Catching Strongman Tattoos

18 Eye-Catching Strongman Tattoos

Through the 19th and early 20th century in circuses and carnivals across the globe strongmen entertained the masses.
Before the time of bodybuilding and weightlifting as sports, circuses were the place to see muscled men bending metal and lifting incredibly heavy objects. The strongman was an iconic figure in the circus and with his bulging biceps and finely combed mustache would wow thousands with his seemingly impossible feats of strength!! One of the most notable strongmen in the world was Eugen Sandow, a German strongman who is today regarded as a bodybuilding pioneer and a father of the sport!
Victorian strongman Eugen Sandow
With the rise of strength athletics the role of the strongman changed and their place as a circus icon was not as important as it once was, but the early days of modern strength sports is not forgotten and the role of the strongman is something to be remembered. The image of a strongman is of a large, well built male, standing proud and showing of their strength and it is such an image that strongman tattoos take their transpiration! If you're a fan of the old fashioned circus and the incredible feats of strength performed by the likes of Eugen Sandow then a strongman tattoo may just be what you need! Checkout these 18 Eye-Catching Strongman Tattoos for inspiration!!
Strongman and Girls by Golden Monkey Tattoo
Cool Piece by Matt Cooley
Awesome Tattoo by Simon Erl
Strongman tattoo
Old School Work by Andrea Furci
Tattooed Strongman Tattoo by Heath Nock
Bold Piece by Last Sparrow Tattoo!
Strongman and Woman, unknown artist
Harry Harvey Did A Great Job On This Tattoo!
Inked Up Strongman Tattoo by Lewis Parkin
Sword Swallower and Strongman by Matt Lentz
Strongman tattoo
Traditional Strongman Tattoo by Swallows and Daggers
Strongman Tattoo, artist unknown
Another Great Piece by Matt Cooley
Strongman tattoo
Strongman Tattoo, unknown artist
Strongman Tattoo by Tattoos by Walo