18 Imaginative Thumb Tattoos

18 Imaginative Thumb Tattoos

Tattooing your hands was once the biggest taboo in tattooing, and even today is somewhat of a controversial choice.
That said tattooing your hands is becoming a lot more common! Taking the step and actually tattooing your hands is a big decision, some artists will flat out refuse you and others may take some persuading. Once an artist is found there's also the challenge of finding the right design!! Not to mention you still have to choose where to put it. Will you go with the hardcore full back of your hand tattoo or the old school knuckle option, or maybe you could tattoo your thumbs?
Thumb tattoos are somewhat of an under appreciated tattoo, the focus for hand tattoos falls largely on the fingers and hand itself but thumbs offer some great creative opportunity. The location of a thumb tattoo alone makes the tattoo standout. Finding the right design to fit the area can be a bit of a battle but once found and put in ink the tattoo is going to look all kinds of awesome! Thumb tattoos are a creative, imaginative and real badass tattoo! If you want one yourself then checkout these 18 imaginative thumb tattoos for some killer inspiration!!
Arrow Thumb Tattoo by Mitch Love
Bold Little Barber Thumb Tattoo by Rich Lajoie
Black and Grey Dagger Thumb Tattoo by James Hamilton
Beautiful Butterfly Thumb Tattoo by Filip Henningsson
Hardcore Skull Castle Tattoo by Lee Hadfield
Axe and Arrow Thumb Tattoo, artist unknown
Great Tattoo by Toni Donaire
Dagger Thumb Tattoo, artist unknown
Flower Thumb Tattoo by Thomas Flanagan
Moth Thumb Tattoo by Julian Bast
Noose Inside Thumb Tattoo by Zach Grimm Tattoos
Bold Heart Dagger Thumb Tattoo by Thomas Flanagan
Awesome Flower Tattoos by Jessica Swaffer
Badass Panther Tattoo by John Poverty
Thumb tattoo
Killer Snake Tattoo by Rich Hadley
Thumb Tattoos by Stay Bold Tattoo
Tower Thumb Tattoo by Pedro Soos
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