18 Sophisticated Shoulder Tattoos

Shoulder tattoos are the continuation of the refined noble ladies, covering their shoulders with jewelry and lace.
For centuries, shoulders have had a great importance in fashion. They are also the heir of these powerful men, kings and warriors, offering their broad shoulders covered of gold, metal and epaulettes to the view of their opponents to show them their majesty. Shoulder tattoos are always very elegant, using inked fashion accessories such as chains, pearls, feathers and lacy designs. With the trend of geometry and mandalas, they also show intricate and bold designs. If you are looking for inspiration to adorn your thin or broad shoulders, then you could find your happiness in our selection of sophisticated shoulder tattoos...
Mandala style by Alex Arnautov.
Gorgeous geometry by Analisbet Luna.
Elegant piece by Caco Menegaz.
Fancy shoulder piece by Cats.
Charming lines by Chaim Machlev.
Epaulette style by Daniel Meyer.
Lacy flowers by Dodie.
Oriental art by El Bernardes.
Terrific lines by Jaya Suartika.
Refined filigree by Kai Smart.
Cool dotwork by Manuel Winkler!
Sensual piece by Philip Milic.
Stylish piece by Rebecca Zombie Smania.
Pretty one by Robert Pavez.
Stunning art by Roxx...
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Beauty made at State of Grace.