18 Stinging Scorpion Tattoos

This small arthropod has long been associated with aggression, menace, death and fear!!
What the scorpion lacks in size it certainly makes up for in deadliness. Historically scorpions occupied a place as a symbol of righteous vengeance, but more commonly were seen as a representation of impending doom or death. In contrast to that however scorpions in certain cultures were symbols of healing. Ancient Egyptian's held the belief that a scorpion symbol would protect them from a scorpions venom and thereafter represented healing and even resurrection.
Today most people associate the scorpion as a symbol with the eighth sign of the zodiac; Scorpio. Now don't be alarmed, even if you're not a Scorpio, scorpion tattoos are still something you can adorn your body with! A scorpion tattoo is a piece ink that looks good in a number of styles; bold traditional, watercolor, geometric or realism all make for a kickass scorpion tattoo. Whether it will have a meaning to you or not a scorpion inked on your arm will always be a good choice, so to give you some inspiration on what type of scorpion tattoo would be best for you here are 18 Stinging Scorpion Tattoos!!
3D Scorpion Tattoo by Tattooed Theory
Black Work Scorpion by Hillary Fisher-White
Dark Scorpion Tattoo by James McKenna
Dotwork scorpion tattoo
New School Scorpion Tattoo by Filip Henningsson
Realistic Scorpion Tattoo by Sile Sanda
Scorpion Hand Tattoo by Joe Bruce
Awesome Scorpion Tattoo by Austin Maples
Brilliant Scorpion Tattoo by Ben Volt
Scorpion Tattoos by Craig Chazen
Great Piece by Henry Hablak
Amazing Scorpion Tattoo by Radical Ink
Killer Scorpion Tattoo by Marc Nava
Scorpion Tattoo by Mark Cross
Old School Scorpion Tattoo by Mikael Harrstedt
Scorpion tattoo
Scorpion Tattoo by Rich Hadley
Scorpion Tattoo by Virginia Elwood