18 Subtle Shaking Hands Tattoos

18 Subtle Shaking Hands Tattoos

One of the biggest challenges in getting a traditional tattoo sleeve is filling the awkward spaces you can be left with.
Once the larger main tattoos are done there will always be small gaps between them, but what do you put in them?? Do you leave them blank, fill them with tiny hearts and stars or throw down another skull?? Or perhaps you could get a subtle little shaking hands tattoo!!
Shaking hands tattoos, or friendship hands as they are often called, are an old school tattoo design that is great for a filler tattoo. They're small, simple and quite awesome! Representing anything from friendship, love and brotherhood to respect and loyalty a handshake tattoo is great piece of classic ink! Whether they stand alone or are accompanied by a heart, dagger or flowers shaking hands are the perfect option for any one working on a traditional sleeve!! They look good and fill the gaps, what more could you want from a traditional little tattoo!
Great floral piece by Zach Nelligan
Lovers hands by Bailey Hunter Robinson
A real old school tattoo by Beatdown
Awesome work by Dan Gilsdorf
A deathly embrace by Jon Sudano
Classic in every way by Federico Ravaioli
Old school styling by Fergus Simms
Great black and grey by Jemma Jones
Joe Ellis did this awesome piece!!
Love this tattoo by Erik Jacobsen
Brilliant Tattoo by Josh Sutterby
Handshake Tattoo by Joshua Marks
Matt Craven Evans nailed this piece!
Everything about this rocks!! by Matt Houston
Fantastic tattoo by Philp Yarnell!!
Rose and hands by Rodolfo Gimenes
Handshake Tattoo, artist unknown
Handshake Tattoo by Nick Collela